Bomber jacket love

This is me, Demi van Maanen, a twenty-one year old girl and student who likes to keep the creative brain warm by living an inspirational, amusing and active life in Amsterdam.

This whole fashion story began when I was little. I grew up in a small and quiet village where nobody expresses themselves through fashion. I inherited the passion for fashion and photography from my mother and when I was a teenager I already liked to dress and see things differently than others.

In 2011 I started my first study at TMO European Fashion Business School. This study was all about fashion and management and I learned a lot about the commercial and business side of the fashion industry. During this study I realized that I really missed some creativity and freedom to express myself and came up with the idea to start a fashion blog.

I started SCREAM in 2011 because of the need to share my personal style and inspiration with anybody who was interested. After four years of blogging, an amazing experience with a lot of opportunities that have come to me through SCREAM I decided to quit blogging in 2014. The main reason why I stopped was because I couldn’t combine it with the intensity of my school anymore.

In 2014 I started studying at The Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The program is called Fashion & Branding and I’m in my third year now. This is much more challenging for me because it’s a lot more creative and conceptual. I learn how to develop a concept for a fashion brand and how to set up and visualize a brand strategy.

After a long time without a platform where I can share my vision on the world it feels like the perfect time to start all over again. In 2016 SCREAM makes a come back but in a new way.