8 ways to feel positive

Today I’ve listed 8 ways to wake up and feel directly positive! Especially during the winter when there a lot of cold and dark days we can easily use some ways to achieve this. 

Try to remember your dreams
Whether you want to analyse them later or just use them as an entertaining and fun video that plays in your head, dreams are a great way to feel more positive for the day.

 Consider what makes you happy
Thoughts create emotions. Happy thoughts create happy emotions. It’s super simple but it’s so true – think about the things you love to do that make you happy. Just visualizing doing something that makes you happy is bound to make you actually feel happier in return.

Give gratitude
Gratitude is one of the most important practices. It’s easy to get caught in the cycle of negative thinking and eventually forgetting how good you actually have it. When you spend some time in the morning to list out 5 things you are grateful for, it shifts your whole mind-set and your day becomes so much brighter.

Relax your body
Without physical relaxation, we breed stress and anxiety in our body. Make sure your daily routine includes self-care that allows you to relax your body. Whether it’s a massage, yoga, or a nice bath – relaxing your body is important ingredient to feeling positive every day.

Prepare a delicious breakfast
Instead of wasting your morning scrolling through your Facebook feed without reading anything get yourself to the kitchen and prepare a delicious breakfast. This sounds a little hypocrite because this is the first thing I normally do but I also tried to don’t check my social media in the morning and it absolutely works!

Read an inspiring book or article
A nice part of your morning routine could be reading blogs you subscribe to. Reading something inspiring and motivating in the morning is bound to get you revved up and ready to tackle the day (like this list J)

Wake up to clean room
The messier your room is, the messier your mind will feel. I truly believe that in order to get your mind organized, you have to get your space organized first. Clean up your room and you’ll notice how much the energy in the room becomes more peaceful and welcoming.

Ask yourself “How can I make this day amazing?”
It’s a simple question but it’s so powerful. By simply asking yourself “How can I make today amazing?” you make yourself realize that you are in control of how your day goes and how you feel about it. Then, do the things to make it amazing!